Tuesday, April 11, 2017

NYX Face Awards 2017 Entry!

Hey guys! I wanted to jump on real quick to show you my official entry for the NYX Face Awards 2017! If you haven't already checked it out, please do so by clicking the video down below. I would really appreciate a LIKE and SHARE on the actual video itself on YouTube. In the past, this has been a deciding factor for being chosen as one of the Top 30 contestants to go to the next round. Thanks so much and enjoy!!! xoxo

Remember to have a positive day! :)


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Office Closet Declutter | Minimalism Series

Hey guys! I wanted to start some decluttering posts to continue with my minimalism series I started in November on my YouTube channel LaurNmakeup.

To start it off, I'm going to show you before and after pictures of my office/makeup room closet.

BEFORE - top shelf
AFTER - top shelf
*Removed magazines, basket, yearbooks, etc.
*Stacked all the extra office supplies in one pile
*Shifted areas of 3 containers

BEFORE - floor area
AFTER - floor area
*Decluttered & organized inside both drawer units
*Put umbrellas in case, tripod next to them - both on top of Halloween kit (originally sitting outside the closet in the way)
*Got rid of things, put in drawers, and shifted around things on top of both drawer units
*Eliminated clutter on side of rainbow drawers 

BEFORE - entire closet
AFTER - entire closet
TADA!!! Loving the finished product!

As you can see, I definitely made a significant dent in the process of purging useless stuff as well as organizing the things I kept in a better way! I'm super proud of the work I did and love going into this functional closet now!!

Remember to have a positive day! :)


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