Monday, May 7, 2012

Motivational Monday! ~ 5/7/12

Hey everyone! I have a great quote today that I hope will inspire people to see failure as a success more often! ;)

This is so true to me right now. I have been having the hardest time I ever have in my whole life of schooling this semester with Biology. One of my passions is to be a nurse, but in order to get into nursing school, you need to do well in TONS of sciences, which ironically enough, is my weak spot. I ended up failing the first couple tests and with three tests remaining, the pressure was on to get at least a "C" or better in order to continue on to other science courses. I've never been a straight-A student, but this stuff doesn't come easy to me. I've studied more for this single class than I have studied for anything else. I have my fourth exam today, just a week before the final - here's hoping I get a good grade! :)
Remember to have a positive day! :)


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