Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Erin Condren Life Planner: Week of 1/12-1/18 (2015)

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to give you a glimpse into how I decorated and organized my weekly calendar view in my 2015 Erin Condren Life Planner! As some of you may know, I received this 18 month planner as a gift in July of 2014. I've been addicted to using it ever since!

I've been wanting to start decorating it more as I've been collecting washi tape and stickers and addictively pinning away ideas on Pinterest! I just haven't had much time or patience to get down to it - until now!!

I'm inviting you into my life this week to take a glimpse at how I've slowly but surely started to make my busy and organized life just a little prettier!

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Breakdown of Week 1/12-1/18, 2015:
  • Work (Daycare): I'm currently working split shifts at the daycare. So I found it necessary to start using the weekly view instead of the monthly view so I could split the day up accordingly.
  • Local Seminar: This is a quarterly event that takes place to keep me on track with my business.
  • Babysitting: I'll be babysitting my 2 favorite little boys this Saturday night right after the seminar ends! This used to be a more regular form of income that has diminished some, but I'm glad to pick it up when I can!
  • Beauty Videos: I like to post 2 videos on my beauty channel (LaurNmakeup) twice a week - specifically on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Blog Posts: I want to get back into posting more on the blog! So I've specifically written in that I plan on posting a review on my latest Influenster VoxBox Wednesday night as well as another one of these ECLP posts next Sunday night after I decorate and organize next week's schedule!
  • Olive Garden: I was sick for New Year's Eve, so our family dinner got postponed. We're planning to make it happen sometime this week! We're playing it by ear, which is why it's in the side column instead of under a specific date.
  • Birthday Gift Shopping: My mom, dad, and sister all have birthdays that happen within the next week, as you'll see with this and next week's weekly views. It's time to get shopping! Once again, I'm not exactly sure of when it will happen, I just know it's a priority this week.

Color Coding:
  • RED: I use this color for anything work related. That could be the daycare, babysitting, business, and makeup gigs.
  • PINK: This color stands for any videos and blog posts I'll be uploading and sharing!
  • PURPLE: This color means FUN! Whether it's a girl's night out, date, or family dinner, I write it down in purple.
  • GREEN: This color is used to indicate errands. This ranges from birthday gift shopping to planned couponing trips.
  • BLUE: You'll see this color used next week, which indicates when I have class.
  • I kept with a subdued, yellow theme this week as seen by the smiley face and owl stickers, as well as the custom made border on Saturday's day section. This little trick can be found on Pinterest!
  • I used long strips of diagonal/metallic striped washi tape from Dollar Tree as borders.
  • It's my dad's birthday on Saturday! I had to include a birthday sticker that's included with the planners in his favorite color, of course!
  • We're supposedly getting some snowy weather Monday, so I decided to include a snow sticker as a festive indicator.
  • The heart stickers on the 15th indicate a special day for me. :)

That's about it! This is pretty simplistic decorating and organizing compared to some people's hectic lifestyle and life planners. I'm sure as time goes on and life begins to get crazier again (the Spring semester is just around the corner!) I will get more into decorating and specific planning again.

Let me know what you guys thought of this type of posts in the comments section or through other social media platforms and I'll be happy to do more like it!

Remember to have a positive day! :)


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