Friday, June 3, 2016

Product Review: Gillette Venus Swirl Razor

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Today I'm going to be reviewing the Gilette Venus Swirl Razor. I was lucky enough to receive this product for review purposes and I have to say I wasn't too thrilled at first. I always see other people receiving the "fun" items, like makeup and hair products, when I receive things like razors.

However, I quickly changed my mind when I noticed how amazing this product truly is.

First thing's first - the details. You can find this razor (plus 2 refills) for only $7.99 on Amazon. I have to say, that's a steal when it comes to brand new razors, especially big names like Venus or Shick.

The claims with this product is it's supposed to be easier to maneuver around lumps, bumps, creases, and folds. You know, areas like the knees, ankles, etc.

I've always had a tricky time doing this without cutting the under part of my knee. You can feel my pain already, can't you?

The silver ball on the razor maneuvers in a way that makes the razor head move lightly left and right, thus making it easier to reach said crevices. My only complaint with this technology is that I feel as though it should have been able to move more freely because it doesn't make it as easy as I had hoped when it comes to the under the knee area.

The razor head itself has 5 blades which makes it easy to get every hair on the first stroke. I've always hated having to go over and over the same area because the razor was too dull or didn't have enough blades because it would make my legs itchy and sensitive. Thankfully with this razor head, that isn't an issue.

Overall, I would say go for it if you're in the new market for a new razor, especially a "fancy" one. (not the no-name, 2 blade kinds) ;)

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