Sunday, October 14, 2012

Influenster Review

Hey guys! So I wanted to try writing a different kind of blog post today - this one is going to be a review on the website Influenster.

Influenster's slogon on their homepage is, "Turn your social influence into rewards". This saying captures the truth behind the website creation.

*I've been a member of this website since May 31, 2012, which isn't a long time compared to some, but it gained me an extra badge. (explanation below)

Influenster just underwent a major renovation and completely re-established their website for the better. Now we are able to have Expert Badges, Lifestage Badges, VoxBox Badges, and Brand Badges. I'll break these down below.

Expert Badges: At this time, you can only unlock 5 out of 16 of these, so choose carefully. You want to be honest with these because you'll need your knowledge of your interest to gain influenster points.

Lifestage Badges: There's only 8 of these bad boys, but you can gain them all. The problem I find is, Influenster is all about being honest, so just call me Honest Abe! But that means I was only able to collect 4 out of 8, as I don't have a dog or cat, am not a bride-to-be (yet!), and I wasn't born between 1945 and 1964. So I just don't see how it's fair to affect our overall score if we are not applicable to all of the badges. That part doesn't seem very fair.

VoxBox Badges: These badges indicate what and how many VoxBoxes you have been eligible for and received. VoxBoxes are the rewards for being active on Influenster and getting your overall badge score as high as possible. I just got an email this past week saying I may be eligible for my very first one, so fingers crossed!

Brand Badges: I personally don't have any of these yet, so I'm not exactly sure what they represent. I'm going to guess if you're especially active reviewing and sharing one specific brand that you will earn a badge representing your love for that brand. But don't take my word for it, that's just my guess.
**Note after this blog post was finished: I earned a badge in this section for doing all the tasks for the relaunch. So maybe they're limited edition badges?

*Influenster Veteran Badge: This is under the Lifestage Badges category, but basically if you have been an active member on Influenster since before this renovation, congratulations! You earned this simple yet distinguished badge of honor. Share it proudly!

Now you're probably wondering if this is all there is to Influenster. Well, it's not. You have a general badge score that is cumulative of four areas. These areas are:

*Picture courtesy of official Influenster Facebook page*
My current Influenster score is 63. That doesn't sound so great, but like I said earlier, I was just notified that I may have earned my first VoxBox. So don't fret if your score isn't super high - you too, have a fair chance to score a VoxBox sometime soon. Just keep reviewing and sharing your favorite pages and products through Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and Pinterest and be patient. There are only a few specific VoxBoxes sent out each year, to a select amount of people. So do your best and wait to get that amazing notification!

Some tips:
  • Be active - don't just be all in for one day then vanish for a year.
  • Invite influential friends - who knows, they may benefit and gain a VoxBox while you gain Influenster points.
  • Use as many social platforms as possible - if you're addicted to Facebook, "Tweet" a mile per minute, and "Pin" everything in sight, you're in luck. Keep doing what you're doing - just include Influenster.
  • Review all your favorite products - every thought counts.
  • Watch your score go up - if you follow my simple tips, your score will soon be through the roof and you'll be well on your way to gaining FREE VoxBoxes!
Just remember to be a trendsetter and an active member in all areas and you should have no problem! Good luck and HAVE FUN! <3

Remember to have a positive day! :)



  1. Hey Lauren I just signed up for influenster and i've been completing surveys and writing reviews and i've added all of my social network platforms but my score is still at 0, how long did it take for your score to get to 63???

    1. Hey there! My score is actually a solid 80 at the moment, so it's definitely gone up since this post.

      I don't actually remember how long it took for my score to go up, but it did take some effort. My tips remain pretty much the same. Just keep active, post reviews, post the links on Twitter and Facebook, and when you get VoxBoxes, make sure you do all the mandatory tasks and as many of the optional tasks as you can! Every little thing helps, so keep at it!

      Also remember it may take some time for your score to go up, as well as the system may need a couple days to register everything and improve your score.

      Have fun! :)


  2. I still have a score of 0 too! Which is weird because im being very active hmmm. Great post though!

  3. I just started and my score is a 2331. Did they change the system or do I have a glitch?