Wednesday, February 6, 2013

College Life: The Cost of Sticky Notes

If you're currently a college student or ever have been, you know the true meaning of "investing in your future". They're not kidding... it sure is a hefty investment.

I have the luxury of being able to start out at a community college to get my associate's and get all my prerequisites done for the nursing program I'll end up choosing. But still, I'm paying for all my schooling - whether that's with the [little] help of financial aid or taking out student loans that ultimately accrue too much interest, I'm doing it. I can't complain, I have my parent's roof to live under, they help me with gas money, and they're very supportive of whatever my dreams are. It's the least I could do after all these years they've spent [time & money wise] on me.

Anyways! Back to the subject of this blog post. This may seem like a small expense, but I needed some sticky notes for marking important things on pages of my A&P (Anatomy & Physiology) book. So last Thursday, I stopped by my school's bookstore and picked up a pack of Post-It brand sticky flags. Ya know, the skinny ones you put on the edge of the pages. They were only $2.79, so not bad, right?

The next day I was at my boyfriend's house. His mom came home and said she had bought this awesome pack of different size sticky notes from Family Dollar for us to use for studying. I was shocked by how much was in the package and asked how much they were. Her response?

$2.00 - yup, two dollars even.

I was shocked... and that's what brought on this blog post! So below are a couple pictures of both sets... you be the judge of the better value!

This is the set my boyfriend's mom found at Family Dollar for $2. See all the different colors, shapes, and sizes? Now the only thing I noticed is the little arrows ones at the bottom right corner (the ones I really wanted) are less amount wise than the ones I bought from the school store. But still - this is a much better bang for your buck. The sticky-ness is comparable to the Post-It brand sticky notes. Plus, it even clips into your binder!

This is the pack I bought from the school store. I thought it was cool that it came with the little sample of those flag sticky things, but you only get 5 of those. In this pack, you get a total of 250 of the straight edged little sticky notes, which means 50 of each color. It's not a bad amount and I suppose the price really isn't that much to complain about at only 79 cents [before tax] more, but I just love the value of the other kit so much more.
Ultimately, I'm so much more excited to use the valuable kit bought from Family Dollar than the plain old pack bought from my school store. End of story.

I hope you guys enjoyed this different kind of blog post - let me know if these random "day-in-the-life" kind of posts appeal to you and you'd like to see more! ^_^

Remember to have a positive day! :)


P.S. I plan on returning the Post-It notes I bought from my school store. ;)

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