Monday, February 25, 2013

Motivational Monday! ~ 2/25/13

Hey everyone!

I just finished taking my first Anatomy & Physiology test a few hours ago... I'm desperately awaiting my grade. Until then, here's this week's dose of Motivational Monday! ^_^

I've been an optimist my whole life and proud of it!! I've dealt with a few pessimists. My favorite is when they claim they're "realists, not pessimists". Dude, get over yourself. You're a pessimist because you only see the negative in everything! Realists would see yeah, reality stinks sometimes, but it's beautiful, too! My current difficulty is my A&P class but I'm seeing the opportunity to become a nurse in it!!
Remember to have a positive day! :)


P.S. I am getting a headache from spontaneous hiccups. This stinks...

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