Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gradient Nails ~ Color Club Nail Polish

Hello, loves!

I've been wanting to start doing blog posts centering around nails for a while now, so why not start now?

Last week, I wore the nails pictured below. I originally got the idea to put each color placed as so from MakeupByTiffanyD. I know it's not totally gradient as the three fingers in a row have a much more chartreuse color and the other two fingers are more blue based. But the idea is there - and I wanted to use all Color Club brand polishes. So this is what the end result was.

Photo Courtesy: LaurNmakeup on Instagram

Nail Polishes Used:
  • "Tweet Me" by Color Club (chartreuse) - pinky, ring, middle fingers
  • "Age of Aquarius" by Color Club (sea foam green) - index finger
  • "Blue-Ming" by Color Club (aqua blue) - thumb
So there's my first attempt at this trend of gradient nails - I don't think they look too bad and the bright colors make summer that much more fun!

Remember to have a positive day! :)


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