Saturday, October 19, 2013

Did Bath & Body Works Make An EOS-esque Lip Balm?!

Hey guys! I recently went shopping at Bath & Body Works. I originally went in with my free mini candle coupon in hand, ready to walk in and walk right back out with just one item.

Yeah, right.

I got sucked into a couple things, including this adorable looking lip balm. To be honest, I bought it for two reasons: it was so cute and it smelled delicious!

Now let's get down to business. This lip balm retails for $8.00 at Bath & Body Works in the section with other cosmetics, such as the yummy, sparkly lip glosses. I've seen two; the one I purchased looks like a strawberry and is strawberry scented. The other one I saw looked like a green apple and would, I assume, smell as such.

Bath & Body Works Lip Balm: looks like a strawberry; EOS lip balm: looks like a sphere

1st view: appears to be significantly less product in the B&BW lip balm vs. EOS

2nd view: appears to be significantly less product in the B&BW lip balm vs. EOS
As seen in the pictures above, the EOS lip balm appears to have significantly more product than the Bath & Body Works lip balm. However, after doing some research, I found out that the EOS lip balm has 0.25 oz of product inside, while the Bath & Body Works lip balm has 0.2 oz of product. This means the difference is only 0.05 oz, which isn't a huge amount. This leads me to believe that the Bath & Body Works lip balm is packed more and more dense. I just hope it lasts as long as my EOS lip balms have.

The price is the big factor here. The Bath & Body Works lip balms retail for $8.00 and EOS lip balms range from $3-4, depending where you purchase them. I found them for $3.29 on the EOS website, $2.99 on, and $3.99 on So the price is a huge jump for a similar product that you can get at a cheaper price. The real question is: is it really worth it?!

I've loved my EOS lip balms for years now. The Strawberry Sorbet one just happens to be my favorite, too. I will mention that the scents are a little different. The Bath & Body Works lip balm has a distinct strawberry jello smell (which I LOVE) while the EOS lip balm has a softer general strawberry scent. The Bath & Body Works lip balm seems to pull at the lips more when you apply it, while the EOS lip balm has a smoother application. So definitely keep that in mind. However, they're both about the same size as far as the outer casing goes.

All in all, I would say I enjoy my purchase. Maybe I can justify it more because I used a 20% off coupon and a gift card to purchase it, but I do really love the scent. And the casing is definitely a conversation starter. However, because of the price, I have to defend EOS. They have a wide variety of scents/flavors to choose from, along with awesome lotions and shaving creams. They all retail for no more than roughly $4. 

In the end, it's all up to how much money you want to spend and which kind of strawberry smell you'd prefer. It's a tough choice if you have to choose one, but at the moment, I'd honestly have to say I choose the Bath & Body Works lip balm just because that strawberry jello smell is to die for.

I hope this review was helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments section! xoxo 

Remember to have a positive day! :)


*Note: Both the EOS lip balm & Bath & Body Works lip balm are new in the pictures above.*


  1. Cute, I saw Walgreen's came out with their own version too :)

    1. Very cute! Yes, I saw that. However, I think it only comes in a watermelon flavor, which I don't like. :(