Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cape Cod Anniversary Vacation!

Hey guys! I mentioned in a recent video that I would probably be writing a blog post on the adventures me and Dylan went on recently in Cape Cod! Well, here ya go!

We ventured to Cape Cod to celebrate our 3rd anniversary together. We stayed from Wednesday, July 17th to Saturday, July 20th. A total of 4 days, including a 3 hour drive both ways. It was such a fun and amazing time!

I figured the best way to write this post would be to take you through each day, in an effort to have you picture it better! So here we go:

Wednesday, July 17, 2013:
We hit the road at 9am! It was tough to wake up early after getting used to a summer schedule, but we wanted to get out early in anticipation of traffic. Good news - there was absolutely no traffic either way! We got really lucky, in my opinion. Because there was no traffic, we arrived to our hotel around 12:15pm. We couldn't check in until 2pm, so we found a yummy seafood restaurant (it's kind of a must, right?) and chowed down on fried clam strips! I must say, they were the best I've had! Since we had about a half hour to kill before check in, we decided to stop in a thrift shop on the way. It was more geared towards women, but we had fun! I actually picked up a couple fun clothing items - you can see what I picked up throughout the trip in a video I did HERE.

After that, we checked into the hotel and I got ready to go out - didn't really feel like putting makeup on just to drive for 3 hours. It wouldn't be fresh, right? Then we headed to the Cape Cod Mall where I found something that made me SUPER stoked! Again, you should totally check out the video I linked to. You'll love it, pinky promise! ;)

I picked up some awesome finds and it was only the first day! It was a great way to start off the vacation. After that, we picked up some Panera and headed back to the hotel to swim in the pool and relax in the hot tub. Then when we were hungry enough, we heated up dinner and were even able to watch Couple Therapy on VH1 at 10pm! We've watched this show since last season and enjoy it, so it was nice that the hotel had the channel we needed. Then it was sleepy time!

Didn't have many pictures from today, so here's the sign of the Cape Cod Mall! Weee!

Thursday, July 18, 2013:
"Happy Anniversary!" Those were the first words we spoke to each other as we woke up next to each other that day. It felt so surreal that 3 years had already flown by. So much has happened - good, bad, indifferent - so many memories have been made and so many things have happened that we wouldn't be able to experience again with anyone else. Between my back injury, him moving from his childhood home, and so much more... even though some of these memories were difficult to cope with in the making, we had each other to get through them with. It made us individually feel better and us stronger as a couple.

Okay, I hear ya. Enough mushy-ness. Onto the vacation!

All 3 mornings we went to this quaint breakfast place. The coolest part was it was right across from where we were staying, so if the parking lot was full - no problem! We just walked across the street. After breakfast, we got into our bathing suits, grabbed sunscreen, and my cooler stocked with water bottles and off we went to the beach! We ended up going to Sandy Neck Beach. Sounds lovely, right? But really, it was gorgeous! We were lucky enough where it wasn't TOO hot that day and there was a light breeze. So it was pretty comfortable. The water was cold, though. But we enjoyed ourselves!

After chilling at the beach for a couple hours, we decided to stop in a couple shops on the way back to the hotel. We stopped at this cute place called Miss Mugs. I thought it would sell JUST mugs, but it was a general souvenir shop. Really cute stuff, though! There was a jewelry shop I wanted to stop in, but it had moved to a different area. Then we ventured to Goodwill and get this! It was right behind the Cape Cod Mall, little did we know the day before! It was one of those "duh" moments in life. We could have gone the day before!! But it all worked out perfectly, anyways. Dylan found himself a couple CDs - one of which was unopened and retailed for $14 - he purchased it for a measly $2! What a steal!!

After all this shop-hopping, we went back to the hotel to freshen up - a day at the beach can make you feel a little yucky! After taking refreshing showers, we decided we weren't hungry enough to go out to dinner yet so we decided to exchange annviersary gifts.

Oh. My. Goodness. Guys.

You seriously MUST watch the video we did together showing what we got each other. He did soooooo good!! CLICK HERE!!!

So after that, I got fixed up and we went to dinner. We like to dress a little nicer for Valentine's Day and our anniversary dinners, so that's just what we did! We went to this cute little Italian restaurant. I'm obsessed with Alfredo dishes lately, so that's exactly what I got! The little bread squares were different and delicious, too!

After a jam-packed day of festivities and fun, we settled back down at the hotel and reflected on how wonderful these past 3 years have been together. Yeah, we're that couple. Go awe. Goodnight!

Our anniversary dinner outfits. <3
Courtesy: My Instagram

Friday, July 19, 2013:
Boy, was this day HOT.

After breakfast, we decided to go to this miniature golf place called "Pirate's Cove". Man, was it awesome! There were so many details put into place when making this course. We took the most pictures out of anywhere we went here! I won, naturally. ;)

After a fun game of golf and nearly melting on the course, we ran into the air conditioned marketplace building. This place had tons of gift-like items, ice cream and other goodies for sale, and an arcade. It took 15 minutes of being in the air conditioning before I could stop fanning myself with the score card - I was SO overheated!!

After that, we went to a nearby go-karting course. It was fun, but I wish the course was a little more extensive and not just your basic oval. I won, again - even though Dylan will tell you otherwise. ;)

After having lots of fun in the terrible heat, we decided to go back to the hotel to relax a bit before venturing up to Provincetown. We had an hour commute to the fun area and we were beat from the heat (yep, I just rhymed) so we decided to take a nap and freshen up.

After a couple hours of re-cooperating, we set out for Provincetown! Boy, is it interesting up there! We saw guys in speedos and that get-up that Borat wore, and drag queens galore! But like I told Dylan, if you want to learn how to contour, a drag queen is the perfect person to learn from!

I ended up eating at some Chinese food place for dinner and Dylan had some clam chowder that he was craving. Thankfully as the sun went down and the breeze picked up, it wasn't too hot anymore and we could just enjoy what Provincetown had to offer. Looking back, we wish we went up for more of the day or had another day to go back because we maybe saw half of Commercial Street - we didn't realize it was so extensive!

We picked up some goodies there as well, which can also be seen in that second video I strongly suggested you take a peek at. I picked up the most to die for body lotion!!!

After staying in Provincetown until around 9-10pm, we decided to get back to the hotel so we could get some sleep before checking out of the hotel the next morning. (booooo!) Nighty, night!

Love this picture of me by the waterfall at the golf course! It was the coolest place that day - literally!

Saturday, July 20, 2013:
Aww, it's already over. :(

This was the last day we had. We checked out of the hotel, ate breakfast at the usual place, and before starting the 3 hour drive home, decided to stop in a few little places nearby just to stall the fact that we had to head home.

 We stopped at a gift shop so Dylan could pick up classic Cape Cod goodies - he was feeling deprived because he didn't have anything that actually said Cape Cod on it. Yep, we're those tourists...again.

After that shop, we stopped in another thrift shop which was kind of lame and then this HUGE antique shop. There was so much stuff that it was actually overwhelming! But it was very nostalgic and cool!

After that, we decided it was time to depart. We stopped at this place called Honey Dew Donuts" for a snack on the way back home. Plus, we kept passing it for days and really wanted to try it to see if they were better than the chain restaurants - the succeeded!!

After 3 hours and a spontaneous downpour once we were getting off the highway in CT, we decided to park in this park we enjoy going to every once in a while to eat our donuts because we hadn't still. They were super yummy and it was just a nice, peaceful, reminiscent way to end our wonderful vacation. We ended up getting back to Dylan's house around 5:15pm and as unpacked, reality set back in.

We were home.

MUCH better quality than Dunkin Donuts!
Man, that was longer than I anticipated. (That's what...she said? LOLOLOL) Anyways, high five to whoever actually read the whole thing! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post and my other blog posts. It definitely takes some time, patience, and heart to write long posts like this one, but I think they're worth it if people are enjoying them! Thanks again and have a wonderful week! xoxo

Remember to have a positive day! :)


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