Thursday, March 1, 2012

Top-of-Dresser Cleaning & Organization!

Hey guys! So today I took on a major project and cleaned, dusted, and organized the top of my dresser. Now I've done this several times and switched it up a lot throughout the last few years, but I've never been so proud of my progress as I am today!

So here's some before & after pictures!

BRACE YOURSELF!!! It was quite the mess before the cleaning tornado came through...

...and yes. I get the cleaning bug sometimes and just go with it... but then these magical things happen!! :)


Like the pink cheetah on top of the dresser? I have a purple & cheetah theme in my bedroom... I have loved both for YEARS! I redesigned my room back when I was like 13 - hehe
Anyways! See all that clutter? Fragrances everywhere, jewelry sprawled out, sunglasses... the only organization was the unique bracelet and earring holders.
 Here's a closer look at a downward angle on the right side of my dresser...

...and here's another angle! See my creative way of storing my bracelets on that tree-looking thing and my dangle earrings on something that I think is used for hand towels? :p


Here's the final result! After 2 hours of clearing, dusting, getting rid of, and organizing - TA DA!!!

Here's a picture of the right side again, but this time it's dedicated to all my fragrances, including body mists, perfumes, and candles! Now I can actually remember to use them all... O:)

Here's a cool looking super awesome photography shot of that section! ...oh? You didn't know I was a photographer, too?! ...just kidding. ;)
By the way, that gorgeous jewelry box in front was from my boyfriend's mom and I just couldn't take it off my dresser. It's perfect for my earrings and looks too pretty! :)

Here's the left side - devoted to makeup I wear daily, a little desk organizer thing in the back that has some beauty samples, extra chapstick and such, and my big jewelry box in the center with all my favorite rings, bracelets, and necklaces. (That was the hardest part to narrow down!)

So this is how my makeup I use on a daily basis is organized at the moment... this is the only section I'm really not pleased with and I'm planning on going out and finding a better (and hopefully inexpensive!) organization solution soon!

So there you have it! I hope you guys enjoyed my before & after pictures and thoughts on them... I did! ;)

Remember to have a positive day! :)


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