Friday, March 30, 2012

What would you do with $500 million?

Hey everyone!

I thought this would be an interesting post because earlier today I saw an article on Yahoo! asking what people would do if they won the $500 million jackpot this Friday. It got me thinking and I thought some people would enjoy this post, so here we go!

By the way, my list isn't in any order. They're just some things I'd definitely do if I won that much money.

I'll begin by listing the selfish things I would do, like getting a car or something, then I'll list the selfless things after, such as donating to charities, etc.

Selfish Wants
  •  Condo - I want to move out and since I'm legally an adult, I'd be able to do so. I don't want a house this young though, and with a condo, all the outdoor work is done for you!
  • Pay off current car loan - I actually want to keep the car I just got a couple weeks ago. Why would I get a new one if this one's already new to me?
  • Pay off school loans - I would pay off all of my outstanding school loans and continue to go to community college since I would like to finish where I started and if it's cheaper, even if I'm rich, why not? More money to have fun with! ;)
  • Office room with "L" desk - I've always wanted an office in my house with a file cabinet and an "L" desk - you know, the kind that wraps around the corner of the room and has lots of drawers and space on top?
  • New desk chair - My current desk chair is shot, I've had it for years and need a new one - but I'd really like one with arms and that has good back support.
  • Huge Apple Mac computer - I'd love to edit my videos with iMovie and play around on this!
  • Makeup room - For years, I've wanted a nice room devoted to my makeup collection. I'd be able to store my collection any way I wanted, finally have a sit down vanity to apply at, and it would just be visually stimulating.
  • Plasma screen TV - Because, who doesn't want one?
  • Diamond rings - Because diamonds are a girl's best friend, and I LOVE rings and would actually be able to afford some really nice jewelry.
  • Louis Vuitton bag - I've always wanted one. I actually went into the store for the first time at a mall a month or two ago, and when people just got rung out and handed over $1,400 without blinking or thinking twice, I literally almost fainted. I felt so light headed in that store, I had to leave!
  • HD Camera/Camcorder - I love making makeup videos for my YouTube viewers and would want them to be the best quality possible if I had the choice! :)
  • Walk-in closet - I have lots of clothes, purses, and shoes that need a bigger home. hehe
  • California King Bed - I've always LOVED the idea of a nice, huge, comfortable bed that you could have lots of space in and roll all around.
Selfless Dreams
  • Give millions to my parents - Not only do they need it to pay off all their debt, loans, and bills, but that would be enough to do that and move into a nicer house, minus me of course. ;) But seriously, they deserve it because I can only imagine how much it must have taken to raise me the past 18 years.
  • Dylan could live with me - Me and my boyfriend of almost 2 years, Dylan, have dreamed about what it would be like to live together someday. Now, I'm not saying he'd be able to be a mooch and do nothing with his life, but until he gets somewhere, we could at least fulfill that dream sooner than we thought we could.
  • Buy Dylan's mom's house - Long story short, his parents went through a divorce and obviously had to sell the house so they could live elsewhere. It's been a really long and unsuccessful journey, so I would buy their current house. Then, if his mom chose to stay there, she could, but if not, I'd also like to buy whatever house she'd like to move in to because she's like a second mother to me and has done so much for me, so why shouldn't I do the same?
  • Donate to army, marines, etc - I support the men and women who are brave and kind enough to risk their lives for us in America to fight overseas in whatever organization they're in - Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, etc. So I would love to buy tons of food and ship it over there on a regular basis or at least donate some amount of money that would be put to good use to assist them.
  • Get Dylan a new car - He has a 1995 jetta that's not going to last much longer, so I'd definitely help him out and get a nice, shiny, new car for him. :)
  • Donate to anti-abortion organizations - I'm pro-life and am pretty sure there are probably organizations that fund things like  convincing women why it's better to keep the baby and such. Everyone deserves a chance at life.
  • Donate to animal charities - I love animals and hate people who abuse them, so I'd love to help them.
  • Donate to a lot of other miscellaneous charities that mean something to me - I haven't thought about every specific organization I'd like to donate money to, but I'm sure I'd find out if I had the money.
  • Adopt a homeless pet or rescue one - Because once again, I love pets and hate to think they don't have loving homes. :(
 Remember to have a positive day! :)


*NOTE - I started writing this post Thursday when I originally read the article about the Mega Millions Lottery being at $500 million, but last I heard, it was at $640 million. WOW! It was literally a record!

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