Monday, February 20, 2012

Motivational Monday! ~ 2/20/12

Hey guys! So because I've told you this blog is meant to help people, I came up with a good idea that helps me (so hopefully it helps you, too!) and it will keep me coming back to post every week!

It's called, drumroll please:


 *hold for applause*

Yeah, may sound corny. But basically the gist of it is I will post an inspirational or motivational quote every, single Monday. (even when I'm really exhausted from school!)

Not only does this keep me coming back to write more, and I've found that quotes like these help keep me focused and inspired, but it's also Monday. You know what that means! The day that everyone hates, the day the work or school week comes back, full-force! So what better day to post?

So here's this week's quote! I hope you enjoy these weekly pick-me-ups! :)

This couldn't be more true, huh?

Anyways, thanks for joining me for this week's Motivational Monday! I'll see you in my next blog post, which I hope is something you guys have been looking and waiting for! :)

Remember to have a positive day! :)


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